“Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate.”

Posted: September 4, 2015 in fitness, writing
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I know, it’s still early, but day by day, I can already feel things clicking into place.

The reading has been of course the easiest to habitize, as I’ve been a passionate reader for as long as I could turn a page, and it only took reminding myself to open  a book every day to reignite that fire. The writing has been a little tougher, but at one point or another I am always at my computer. Now that I have blocked all the rather distracting bits of the interwebs from myself, when I take breaks from work I have my novel opened in the background. This allows me to jump in and do some editing here and there throughout the day. This does not replace my required bloc of writing through, which I do either in the morning, or more often in the late evening (just wrapped up and it’s midnight). There has to be a solid half-hour to an hour a day dedicated to nothing but writing (hopefully I’ll work up to two hours soon), and so far I have been exceeding that goal. I am still not putting out the heavy word counts I’d like to see, but I am at least putting out some words every single day.

The exercise has been tougher. The yoga yesterday proved once again that I am one of the least flexible men in the universe. The workout was better, and the soreness today is more of a reward than a discomfort. The running has been a little labored but hugely satisfying. I am not the type to get that so-called runner’s high, but I was feeling a little rough today, and after my run I felt pretty fantastic. It also might have been due to escaping a herd of zombies and bringing supplies back to my base (seriously, Zombies, Run! is a blast).

Overall I don’t think I’m deep enough yet to truly appreciate any great, fundamental changes, and yet I feel it on the horizon. Already my body is responding positively to my physical efforts, and my mind is opening up like a long-closed flower savouring long-missed sunlight. That has probably been the most promising, this surge of creativity and lightness I feel. The writing, the reading, the meditation, and the re-engagement with music (my primary accompaniment with writing since I started my first novel 20 years ago) has filled me with inspiration to achieve these and future goals. I cannot waver. I must maintain and grow. The reward is too great.


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