Two days deep, and boy do my legs hurt.

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

It’s only just begun and I’m ready to make a report. So far, so good, so sore.

I am finding time for the simple habits. I’ve been able to do more than the minimum on the coding, the Spanish lessons, and the CrashCourse classes. The reading has been ‘just enough’, though for work I am report writing this week rather than digging holes so I am reading through a lot of material outside of the leisure reading for which the goal was set. The writing is likewise partly consumed by the report writing, and so far all the creative bits have been through a website I’ve used from time to time to conjure inspiration ( It’s a series of prompts that begin with sentences, grows into paragraphs, then the last prompt requires a short story. It’s fun, challenging, and forces me to write about things I would never usually consider doing on my own. I may use this forum to post a few of those, perhaps through another thread.

The meditating has been simple enough to incorporate. I have enough apps to allow me creative control on what type I am doing. I can do anything from a quick 10 minute breathing meditation to a deep, half-hour guided meditation. The yoga has likewise been simple to integrate, using it as a warm up to the workouts and running.

The workouts and running now, that’s been the trickiest to place into time and space. It takes a bit more commitment. There’s a wardrobe change, a shower, a TV takeover for the workout that entails a bit of privacy from my wife and father-in-law, and of course the actual physical commitment. And yet I still managed an intense 40 minute workout yesterday, and a solid 2+ mile run today.

Thus far this is a pretty dry rundown of how these changes have functioned in my life these past two days, but the results are what we’re going for here, and it’s still too early for that. Well… my legs and shoulders are already pretty sore, so there’s that. I must pace myself, and remember that I haven’t exercised or ran in months (despite my job of hiking and digging holes everyday). I am eager to see progress, to feel results, both physically and in the skill sets I am working on. Of all the pursuits, the results of learning to code and improving my writing have a much larger endgame, to forge skills that lead into new ventures, to create worlds and hopefully new avenues of income.

I also want to expand upon this journal writing. In parallel to my self-monitoring in this pursuit of new habits, skills and levels of fitness, I should be reflecting on the world around me. I should be writing a series on archaeology, a series on writing, a commentary on politics, the state of humanity, or a reflection on science, technology and space! I should be commenting on how Leonard Nimoy just passed and what he meant to me, on the speech the Israeli PM just made in Congress and all that I felt it meant to the world. There’s so much chatter in my mind about the myriad of things this world contains, and while perhaps people don’t necessarily want to hear it, I should be tossing it out there anyway.

And so I will… it’s not part of the March challenge, but I will work on extending the journaling into these realms.

For now though, it’s been an accomplished two days, and so I depart for a little space exploration as reward.


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