Adding rocks to the pile…

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

As I have been terrible at utilizing this, I am attempting to create a post from my phone. Let’s see how my patience holds out.

So week two has begun, and the habits I’ve introduced seem to be falling into place with greater ease. The run every other day and the workouts are becoming easier. I am finding my time to write and read everyday, often exceeding my minimum time commitments I’ve established. The Spanish lessons are likewise quite fluid. Though I’m realizing I need more time and investment there to establish it as a second language.

On top of the habits, employment has become interesting. I am in the last week of both my part-time jobs (one ends Wed, the other Fri). I worked my first day at their original replacement the day before yesterday, but as of now I’m terminating that path and starting a brand new one this Saturday. It’s a tad peculiar that at this time in my life while taking on all these new daily habits, for this brief moment I have four jobs.

Despite the appearance of having all the jobs, come this Monday I’ll be down to one, and have my first pair of days off in recent memory. The pairing of two part-time jobs for the past year has meant working 7 days a week for most of that time, with a few breaks scattered throughout the last 12 months. The final resolution on taking this new gig is that it will keep me open to engage with archaeology and explore what I can do with my writing.

On a personal level, it means days off with the wife, and more time to appreciate the everyday. I did not spend the past five years in school and move to sunny Florida to start down another 9-5 career path. I did it to expand my works, and I intend for it to continue expanding until my last breath.


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